Every week, comedian Billy Procida talks to women he’s hooked up with about sex, dating, sexuality, love— and why they didn’t work out. The Manwhore Podcast also features sex educators, porn stars, sex workers, queer performers and stand-up comedians. Procida (which is me, because it’s me writing this— why pretend there’s an intern here?) blends comedy, sincerity and awkwardness in hourlong episodes that allow listeners to eavesdrop on real and raw conversations between two people who at some point have made out and groped each other.

Billy (still me) is a New York City-based stand-up comedian. He’s also a retired underground poker dealer, man on Weight Watchers and an accidental popcorn burner. He performs all over New York City and has told jokes to drunk people all over the country (and one time in Amsterdam). He was also a guest on The Rosie O’Donnell Show—twice! Granted, he was in grade school, but it’s still pretty cool!










I am also a published writer:

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If you want to say hi, yell at me or offer to mail me cookies just shoot me an email at manwhorepod@gmail.com.