Alice Won’t Talk about Gangbangs or Threesomes

Super meta episode with Alice on this week’s Manwhore Podcast! Billy sits down with Alice for one of his most awkward episodes yet!


Gangbang planning and hopes of a threesome were off-limits, as well as one other very messy topic that shall go forever unmentioned. They do get to talk about BDSM and being submissive though!

Anti-porn feminism is not impressing me yet as I read Gail Dines’s book Pornland: How Porn Has Hijacked Our Sexuality. As you’ve heard him say before, the answer isn’t less porn; it’s more porn! Gail Dines and I are just not going to get along as he reads her questionably researched book.

Size talk returns in a different form this week. Ladies (and fellas) who like the dick: which dimension matters most to you? Length or width? Or is it depth? Or the 4th dimension of time or Interstellar’s 5th dimension that I don’t understand? I think the angle is more important to help you get that nice dep stroke.

I chat with the hosts of the hit comedy podcast Keith and The Girl about their upcoming 10-year anniversary. Donate to their Kickstarter for their annual podcasting marathon!

This week’s show is sponsored by backgammon because just like the clitoris, not enough men know what it is.

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