California’s Prop 60 is not about worker safety; Vote NO!

3U4dnnCgI wanted to remind California voters, regardless who you are voting for, to VOTE NO on Prop 60 tomorrow. When read at face value, it just seems like, “Oh, condoms are good. This makes porn performers wear condoms. That’s probably good.” That is not what Prop 60 is about.

Yes, Prop 60 would require all porn shot in California to use condoms. This is not about workplace safety. Any civilian who watches an adult video (or cam stream) where the condom is not visible could sue the producers/performers for a specific dollar amount (“reward”). Some proponents of Prop 60 are saying that producers don’t want condoms because it will cost them money. What many don’t realize is that adult performers are the producers more commonly than ever before! This also goes for porn stars who do web cam shows from the safety of their own home. A married couple doing web cam shows would be required to wear condoms under this law. When they are sued, their legal names and addresses will be made available which opens them up to potential harassment, stalking, and violence. Shocker: a lot of religious folks get violent about women owning their bodies.

Porn performers are unanimously against this law. There’s a reason why your favorite porn star’s twitter profile picture has a #NoProp60 button in it right now. This isn’t “the industry” and producers making a fuss. Go find me 10 porn stars who are for this law. Right now. I’ll wait—because I can give you about 100 performers who are against it with little effort.

Once again, people think, “Well they should wear condoms because condoms keep them safe.” For your average sexual human being, sure. But your average sexual human being is not having sex for 3, 4, or 7 hours at a time! I go to orgies—those women aren’t continuously drilled for even half that time. You try wearing a condom for that long without getting friction burn in your hoo-ha! Not to mention, porn stars are plenty safe as is. They have their own self-imposed regulatory system in place as a safeguard against on-set STI transmissions. There hasn’t been a transmission of HIV on a porn set in at least 10 years! They get tested every two weeks, if not more frequently, because their bodies are their job (also why you always see porn stars in the gym silently making you feel bad about that donut). Porn stars have the agency to decide if they want to use a condom on set or not. Even porn production companies that always display condoms oppose Prop 60.

The most important aspect, to me, about Prop 60 is choice. At the end of the day, it should be the performer’s choice if he/she wants to use a condom. It is not up to Mike Weinstein how porn should be made. If he’s concerned about people not knowing to use condoms, he should redirect his efforts at schools that don’t teach comprehensive sex education. Don’t let Mike Weinstein dictate—and profit from—controlling women’s bodies (he’ll receive a taxpayer-funded regulatory position if the law is voted in).