Manwhore Monday Moment: Porn star Sara Jay ditches monogamy

Sara Jay just isn’t cut out for monogamy. The veteran porn star is divorced and much prefers having casual sex partners to a long-term exclusive boyfriend. She opened up about her dating life on her episode of The Manwhore Podcast. She was married once-upon-a-time. Sara Jay would eventually find that fidelity wasn’t as easy and awesome as everyone made it seem to be. For a gal who loves group sex and double penetration, nonmongamy with incredibly close lovers (and less-than-incredibly-close fuck friends) seems to be way more up her alley. Listen to this short clip with Sara Jay below!

Manwhore Monday Moment: Autofellatio is a “fun party trick”

Every guy has tried to suck his own dick. Whether he remembers it or has actively blocked it out of his pubescent memory, we’ve already leaned in really hard only to realize we couldn’t do it. Well, at least most of us. Reportedly less than 1% of of men can “selfsuck” and one particular Manwhore Podcast guest is an autofellatio aficionado!

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Manwhore Monday Moment: Maddie’s reaction to sounding is priceless!

BDSM involves a wide range of kinky behavior from ass slapping to choking to verbal humiliation to orgasm denial. But there’s one activity that makes me cover my dick more than anything else: sounding. I’m not shaming any pain sluts out there; you go ahead and do you boo boo. My personal preference, though, is to not have my penis impaled by a metal rod. After discussing her BDSM interests and experience, I asked her if she knew what sounding was. Her reaction to my explanation was priceless. Listen below in this short clip from Episode 46!

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Manwhore Monday Moment: Let your freak flag fly!

Fabulous fashion femme Kelly Lee Dekay reminds us in this throwback to episode 34 that being an individual is paramount to self-celebration. “I was always a weird kid,” she shared on her Manwhore Podcast appearance. “Let your freak flag fly high! Keep it weird, because you make this world interesting.”
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Manwhore Monday Moment: One-Handed One-Night Stand

Ever had a one-night stand come back to haunt you? Diana from Episode 6 certainly did! Listen to this short clip from that episode when Diana talks about sleeping with a man with only one hand–and how she didn’t realize something was missing until afterwards! Relive this hilarious #ManwhoreMondayMoment below!