Tinder Love and Catcalling Flattery

Emily becomes an unpaid advocate of hook-up app Tinder. She fell in love after lots of swiping and now tells us why she ditched OK Cupid for Tinder.


Online dating presents all sorts of “rules” regarding female sexual aggression. It’s confusing! We also talk about the rules of casual sex for women.

Catcallers: your validation! Emily feels “appreciated” by a good catcall on the street. What about you? Do you find it disgusting or strangely sweet?

Oops! I went to Europe out of nowhere. Why? No idea. I broadcast from Iceland because, the world. Plus, the Red Light District offers up a pleasant surprise! #internationalwhore

We play a new game and agree that, for the good of society, Kim Kardashian needs to be killed! Duke porn star Belle Knox comes up yet again.

This week’s episode is sponsored by Orbitz. Orbitz will let you fly anywhere in the world that has legal prostitution. Orbitz: turns on your red light.

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