College Girls, Casual Sex and Biting Dicks

Billy’s old flame Maddie sits down on The Manwhore Podcast this week. They were hooking up for awhile a couple of years ago and then abruptly ended when Billy accidentally “ghosted” her. Oops. Hear the origin, rise and fall of their relationship. Plus, Billy explains why he won’t date college girls.


My ultimate fantasy is to be paid for sex. Not in a cute roleplay, but with a real live sugar mama (email to apply?). I want to be a male escort but Maddie has an issue with sugar babies.

Frat boys are more likely to rape college girls. This isn’t up for debate. One listener writes in with an issue about fraternity stigma.

Maddie shares the Urban Legend of Dominatrix Dentistry. This one makes you shiver more than sounding, which they talk about as well. BDSM: it’s fine that you like it but some of it is scary!

This week’s episode is sponsored by my friend’s boss’s pen. Writing feels way better when you know your friend’s job is at risk.

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