Manwhore Monday Moment: Maddie’s reaction to sounding is priceless!

BDSM involves a wide range of kinky behavior from ass slapping to choking to verbal humiliation to orgasm denial. But there’s one activity that makes me cover my dick more than anything else: sounding. I’m not shaming any pain sluts out there; you go ahead and do you boo boo. My personal preference, though, is to not have my penis impaled by a metal rod. After discussing her BDSM interests and experience, I asked her if she knew what sounding was. Her reaction to my explanation was priceless. Listen below in this short clip from Episode 46!

What sort of BDSM activities are you into? In her episode, Maddie talked about one guy who asked her to bite his dick while giving him a blowjob. Not a little bit of teeth—biting! We delved into other kinky topics like trampling and dominatrix dungeons. These activities can be hot and sexy and fun but be sure you’ve done your research and play safe! An infection to the urethra can cause serious damage to your bladder or kidneys and put your dick out of commission. Pain sluts: go forth and get sounded!