Meet the Intern: Beatrice!

The Manwhore Podcast is getting a new boost of assistance with its very first intern! I am pleased to introduce the newest member of my team: my summer intern Beatrice Hirsch! She’ll be assisting me with social media and expanding the podcast’s audience while I teach her the ins and outs of podcasting. This might be the only job where inviting me to a sex party won’t get me written up by HR.

Name: Beatrice Hirsch
Age: 21
University: Hunter College
Major: Psychology/Anthropology
Hometown: Peekskill, NY

Why did you want to intern for The Manwhore Podcast?

I’m really active in the New York City kink scene & love talking about/educating others on sex and the kink/polyamorous lifestyle. I like anything that takes steps to normalize what has typically been socially stigmatized behavior. I like that The Manwhore Podcast does this. Also, Billy is pretty cool!

What is your favorite podcast?

I love Generation Why & This American Life. Ira Glass is my Daddy.

Who’s your favorite porn star?

I’m a pretty big fan of Owen Gray & Jiz Lee.

What is your favorite sexual position?

Anything from behind! Makes for good hair pulling and spanking.

Tell us about an embarrassing date you had.

I once went on a date with a dude from Tinder. We met in Bryant Park and smoked some oil out of his vape pen. I guess I underestimated how strong it would be because I got stupidly high and wound up crying on the ground because I thought my legs stopped working and that I swallowed my tongue. I’m usually a delight.

What’s your dream job?

Photography is a passion of mine. That would be a dream for sure. Or sex toy designer.