Feeling sexy in my Menagerié!

Everyone wants to feel sexy. I was totally the dummy who mocked lingerie saying, “What’s the point if we’re going to take it all off anyway?” I used to think lingerie was an annoyance—unnecessary, expensive steps in the way of the goal. But ladies, I understand now! It’s not for me to see you as sexy. You wear it to feel sexy.

Menagerié is lingerie for the fellas! I stumbled upon their website and had never seen anything like it before. The catalogue was filled with intricate lace and silk clothing. Underwear used to be just underwear to me—and honestly I’m more of a commando guy myself. But I was curious and I bought this high-waisted lace boxer brief. I was excited to surprise my girlfriend with them at our next play party. When it arrived in the mail, I poured a whiskey and opened the package preparing to ‘glam it up’ like Mel Gibson in What Women Want

I carefully slipped my feet into the leg holes, careful not to tear the intricate lace floral design. I rolled the high waist up my body and intuitively ran my hands down my torso, my thighs. I felt a tingle. I looked in a mirror and immediately thought, “Wow. I look hot!” Look, I have an average-to-stocky body type. I’ve always assumed my (limited) sexual appeal came from the words that came out of my mouth and how much I could suck in my belly. I’m as self-conscious about my body as they come. But I couldn’t believe it. Never had I felt sexy because of the clothes I was wearing until I put on some Menagerié.

Menagerié is great for feeling sexy or surprising your significant other on date night. These boxer briefs and body stockings and playboy robes will make you the standout at any sex party you attend. This is one purchase you will feel good about and feel good in! And right now, Menagerié is offering a special deal to my fans. Use the promo code MANWHORE at checkout for free shipping on your purchase at www.ByMenagerie.com!

Feeling sexy isn’t just for the ladies anymore.