Orlando Shooting: Republicans Got the Dead Faggots They Prayed For

Republican lawmakers continue to drag their feet in the sand on gun control and LGBT discrimination following the Orlando night club shooting at Pulse. Many Republican senators and congresspeople tweeted their thoughts and prayers despite a history of anti-gay voting. I call bullshit on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. In happier news: Rachael returns! We’re discussing love, trust, and relationships! After experimenting with casual sex, she is back on the monogamy monorail. Hooking up just wasn’t a good fit for her. “Sex is between two…maybe three people,” she shares.


My thoughts are with my queers and the victims of the Orlando shooting. Here is that list of Republicans I mention during the intro.

PLUS: casual sex, seeking attention, breaking up, Twitter, Reddit, playing with dicks!

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This week’s episode is sponsored by rage. Watch Samantha Bee be fed up with Republican prayers.

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