The Pros/Cons of Porn with Sophie Delancey!

Feminist Porn Award-winner Sophie Delancey proves that blowjobs can be empowering and fun! Billy chats with special guest Sophie, Vice President of The Art Of Blowjob.


Sophie Delancey describes what running a small porn company entails. She ditched her dreams of singing opera to work in the adult entertainment industry. Plus, she explains why feminism and porn can go hand in hand!

I rant on the depressing state of sex education in America’s schools. Because of the lack of sex ed in schools, young adults are learning all about sex from porn. Hear the pros and cons of this on The Manwhore Podcast! For a full breakdown of paltry sex ed requirements, check out the Guttmacher Institute State Policies brief.

Sophie hasn’t only produced porn. She discussed what it was like giving tender, loving blowjobs on-camera. She also describes what it’s like dating someone while working in porn. She’s a very kinky girl. Hear about how this kinky feminist straps it on to take the dominant role!

If you like blowjobs, check out and get yourself a membership! The Art of Cunnilingus is also there for fans of licking! For free porn, you can see Sophie’s very NSFW Tumblr: Follow her on Twitter: @sophiedelancey.

This week’s episode is sponsored by waking up late. Go ahead and sleep in! You don’t need to write that screenplay today.

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