Sex Talk with a Chaste Christian

Happy holidays, whores! Billy sits down with Susie for the first time in 8 years and she reveals that he was her first kiss!


I share my first kiss story with a bit less enthusiasm than my innocent guest. Susie also admits that she is still a virgin at the age of 25. Interesting! Not bad, just interesting!

This is my first Christmas away from my family following a disagreement over Thanksgiving. Thank you all for listening and being with me in spirit during the holidays.

Susie and I discuss the “bases.” What do you consider to be second base? Email in YOUR base labels. Plus, Susie confuses “room jobs” for “rimjobs,” which is just fucking adorable.

Susie is a devout Christian. I’m an atheist. SITCOM! Hear an interesting conversation about religion’s role in developing Susie’s sexuality.

Love the love! Both of these hopeless romantics should be singing Queen’s “Somebody To Love.” Susie has never had a boyfriend and we all know about my dating woes! Love makes things special and awesome, including sex.

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