ADVICE: Fat girl worried about texting a drunken hook-up


Hi Manwhore,

Love the show. It’s so refreshing to hear these things spoken about without shame, yet with empathy for others. I enjoy that your show has a respect for reveling in pleasure rather than bragging about conquest tales. Hearing your advice, your empathy yet honesty, and your episode with Mistress Jay led me to write, thinking you might have the perfect perspective to aid in my silly recent hook-up dilemma. Continue reading

Manwhore Monday Moment: One-Handed One-Night Stand

Ever had a one-night stand come back to haunt you? Diana from Episode 6 certainly did! Listen to this short clip from that episode when Diana talks about sleeping with a man with only one hand–and how she didn’t realize something was missing until afterwards! Relive this hilarious #ManwhoreMondayMoment below!