NAKED PODCAST: Transgender dating, Mack Beggs, Open Relationships

This week features a couple of dicks and one rad chick. The Naked Series pairs me up with transgender woman Anneisa. Transgender Texas high school wrestling champion Mack Beggs started a stir with his championship win…in the women’s division. Comedian John Field pops in with a Patreon bonus episode teaser to discuss being a porn copywriter. Yes, that’s a real job! Lots going on in this week’s awesome Manwhore Podcast!

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FREE bonus episode with Kate Chiplinsky!

Okay, whores. Here’s the skinnyfat: my Patreon supporters are about to start getting some serious bonus content each month! But like a proper drug dealer, I figured I’d give you the first taste for free. So here’s my full-length bonus episode with Boobs of Bushwick’s Kate Chiplinsky! You may remember her from episode 100 with her boyfriend Mike. You can download or listen to it for free right here! Give it a try and see if you like it.

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So enjoy this bonus episode with Chip!

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Strip Clubs, Dirty Talk, and Marrying Donald Trump

Here’s a tip for sleeping with older women: don’t call them “older women.” Whitney reminds me how what a young Billy saw as a novelty was just immature and annoying. We talk about strip clubs, marriage, and Whitney’s unfortunate dry spell. Plus, I share a lot of fee-fees regarding my weekend. Another great episode in the books! (there are no books, this is the Internet)


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Intimacy & Sexting with Tina Horn


The Tina Horn is in Brooklyn to tell Billy what’s what. This Manwhore Podcast covers everything from sex work, to politcal correctness, to vore. This badass author/sex worker/educator/podcaster engages in a fun, smart, and sexy conversation from the legendary Couch of Marginalization. This show’s so hot it produced an additional bonus episode because we couldn’t fit it all in one hour!


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