Vote No on Prop 60 / Sarah Hartshorne Loves Gay Porn and Her Husband

Before you hear me sit down with comedian Sarah Hartshorne, I address a couple of cuckoo emails I received from listeners this week. One from a Trump voter and the other from a man who thinks I’m too tough on Middle America. Then the former America’s Next Top Model contestant talks about body image, safe spaces, and falling in love with her husband! ALSO: California voters should vote No on Prop 60!


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Mistress Jay returns for a body positivity episode! Jay and Billy discuss their struggles with body image and self-love.


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Cunnilingus with Strangers on Reddit

Reddit’s RandomActsOfMuffdive delivers Michelle to sit on his face. What is that RAOMD? Go check out /r/RandomActsOfMuffdive for yourself!

random acts of muffdive

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