SAVE THE DATE: June 6, 2016 is Manwhore Monday on iTunes

Take out your cell phone right now. Open your events calendar and set an alarm for Monday, June 6. Title it ‘Manwhore Monday.’ The day before, I turn 27. It’s usually a dull birthday. You can rent a car by yourself at 25; you’re kicked off your parents’ health insurance at 26. Nothing significant about 27—until now! It involves you. It actually requires you, and it doesn’t work unless you join in. Continue reading

What Women Want—according to Justin Flanagan

Comedian Justin Flanagan has just one objective: pussy and laughs. Those may be two things but he don’t let logic get in the way of his goals! Ready your triggers, folks.


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Horse Sex Animal Porn…And Other Poems by Keith Malley (KATG)

You may have read that podcasts are getting insanely popular. Podcasts aren’t only popular but they even gained some sex appeal! What once was a desire to have sex with the groovy radio DJ in the 1960s is now the desire to bang the person behind the USB microphone. I’ve had sex with several listeners over the past 80 weeks and Keith Malley, one half of the popular Keith and the Girl podcasting duo, is married to a longtime listener! This y-chromosome-fueled Manwhore Podcast discusses porn clickholes, Keith’s religious upbringing and growing a loving bond with your listeners. I love you all! Except a few of you, probably.


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