Fetish Porn Filmer Kelsey Obsession on Farts, Shame, & Fantasies

Kelsey Obsession is a very specific type of porn star. She produces—with her loving husband—fetish porn revolving around body parts and bodily function. She’s your one-stop shop for all things farts, feet, armpit sniffing, and giantess sex stuff. The PhD porno gal joins The Manwhore Podcast to discuss her shame-fueled sexual anorexia as a young person and the psychology of fetish fantasies. Also, Billy hurt his penis.


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Patreon Thank You Video: Feet

I had to get some props for this generous listener’s Patreon Thank You video this month! Ian has a secret and I’d never give it away…but okay fine, I guess I sort of did. We had some fun shooting this video! Thank you so much to Ian for supporting The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love on Patreon! If you can, pledge as little as $1 to help make the podcast better by clicking here.