Casual Sex Hacks with Kenneth Play

Sex tips are all the rage. Everyone wants to know how to have better sex and please their partner. Kenneth Play is a sex hacker. He has tips to make you better at sex and more efficient. We had a fascinating discussion about sex tips, manhood, casual sex and Miley Cyrus.

kenneth play

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ADVICE: She’s never had an orgasm! Oh no!


Dear Manwhore,

My girlfriend and I are both bartenders who look forward to listening to your show on Thursday nights while we make dinner. We have recently been doing this “sexual awakening” thing, and we have found that your show gives us a lot to talk about that maybe we wouldn’t have otherwise thought of. We are starting to try new things, and it’s great to have some inspiration through listening to an honest guy’s perspective on a variety of sexual topics. What prompted our sexual experimentation was the admission that my girlfriend has never had an orgasm— Continue reading