Hayley Quinn TEDx Talk discusses love, dating, and intimacy!

Tomorrow’s Manwhore Podcast guest is the fabulous dating guru Hayley Quinn. Before you hear us discuss love, awkward first kisses, and pick-up artists, you need to watch her amazing TEDx Talk from earlier this year. It implores us to learn to love ourselves before insisting finding love elsewhere. “God forbid you spent a night by yourself,” Quinn remarks. Don’t skip this one! Be sure you are subscribed to The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love on iTunes or Spotify so you don’t miss tomorrow’s show.

Intimacy & Sexting with Tina Horn


The Tina Horn is in Brooklyn to tell Billy what’s what. This Manwhore Podcast covers everything from sex work, to politcal correctness, to vore. This badass author/sex worker/educator/podcaster engages in a fun, smart, and sexy conversation from the legendary Couch of Marginalization. This show’s so hot it produced an additional bonus episode because we couldn’t fit it all in one hour!


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When Comedians Date Comedians with James Mattern

Comedian James Mattern is this week’s guest on The Manwhore Podcast. The hardworking hustler is here with words of wisdom on women and relationships. Mattern has a ton of Yoda-like moments on this podcast and you’re really in for a treat! He also has a lot of opinions about sleeping with fellow comedians. Hilarious episode!

james mattern

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