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SAVE THE DATE: June 6, 2016 is Manwhore Monday on iTunes

Take out your cell phone right now. Open your events calendar and set an alarm for Monday, June 6. Title it ‘Manwhore Monday.’ The day before, I turn 27. It’s usually a dull birthday. You can rent a car by yourself at 25; you’re kicked off your parents’ health insurance at 26. Nothing significant about 27—until now! It involves you. It actually requires you, and it doesn’t work unless you join in. Continue reading

When Comedians Date Comedians with James Mattern

Comedian James Mattern is this week’s guest on The Manwhore Podcast. The hardworking hustler is here with words of wisdom on women and relationships. Mattern has a ton of Yoda-like moments on this podcast and you’re really in for a treat! He also has a lot of opinions about sleeping with fellow comedians. Hilarious episode!

james mattern

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When Sex Feels Forces: Hook-up Culture and Cuddle Boners

Sex can feel like such a chore! Claire and I discuss the different ways people feel pressured by today’s hook-up culture to have a lot of sex. It’s not that sex isn’t awesome and that we don’t want to have it, but sometimes you get a little burnt out. It’s okay to take a break from your boning bacchanalia! It doesn’t make you an uptight prude. Tinder, dating tips and what to do with that cuddling erection are also covered on an intimate Manwhore Podcast.


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