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Buck Angel Pisses On Bathroom Patrols & PC Police

Buck Angel is more of a man than I’ll ever be! He is the original trans male porn star, which he solidified when he won the 2007 AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of the Year. Since retiring his performer card, Buck has gone on to be an adult film producer, trans rights advocate, and sex educator. And don’t you dare tell him where to pee!

We talked about his life in transition, both in regards to his gender and his career in the adult entertainment business. We also talk about his dating life and that time he fucked a homeless guy on camera!


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“Strap-on don’t have balls!”—Emma Willmann on Lesbian Sex

For a lesbian, Emma Willmann has a lot of questions about penises. “Where does the cum go if your dick goes soft?” Oh, wow. Here we go! The hilarious comedy starling is on this week’s Manwhore Podcast talking about her dominance in the bedroom and longing for someone special.

A major development happened in my life that I need to tell you about. It’s so sad, you just might shout, “Hodor!”


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SAVE THE DATE: June 6, 2016 is Manwhore Monday on iTunes

Take out your cell phone right now. Open your events calendar and set an alarm for Monday, June 6. Title it ‘Manwhore Monday.’ The day before, I turn 27. It’s usually a dull birthday. You can rent a car by yourself at 25; you’re kicked off your parents’ health insurance at 26. Nothing significant about 27—until now! It involves you. It actually requires you, and it doesn’t work unless you join in. Continue reading

Good Sex! Good Friends! Good Porn!—with AJ Marechal!

AJ Marechal asks the important questions. How is porn desensitizing our sex lives? Can erotica make a comeback? Does longing for a man not make her independent? Did Billy ever have a chance with her? I loved having my good friend AJ on the podcast!

AJ Marechal-1807

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