So is this life now?

Yesterday was staying in my room and making sure I didn’t make the worst possible financial decision before doing an open mic. Today was my first day “working.” I’ve been at this coffee shop for four hours! I edited the next two episodes, an upcoming bonus episode, and signed/stamped all of my Level 2 Patreon thank you letters! A very productive day and soon I’ll pack up and go do some open mics.

And I even slipped in a little “self-love” session this morning.

I hope this is life. Thank you all for making it possible.

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Masculinity in Trump’s America with comedian Harrison Greenbaum

Harrison Greenbaum is the voice of removing typical gender norms from masculinity. That’s because his voice is not one you’d typically describe as masculine. But I’ve been on enough Tinder dates with his former flames to know he does quite well for himself in the female department! Harrison is what the modern man sounds like: confident, intelligent, and feminist…and maybe a little gay. This is masculinity in the Age of Trump!


Listen here!

Kelly Fastuca: Don’t gaslight me, bro!

Comedian Kelly Fastuca don’t want no minute man. “If we’re gonna have sex, we’re gonna be up for awhile.” On this week’s Manwhore Podcast, Fastuca shares the frustrations of gaslighting and the challenges of being a sexual female looking for the D! Super funny episode, if you like comedy. Lots of talk about porn and sex parties, if you’re just here for the filth!


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FREE bonus episode with Kate Chiplinsky!

Okay, whores. Here’s the skinnyfat: my Patreon supporters are about to start getting some serious bonus content each month! But like a proper drug dealer, I figured I’d give you the first taste for free. So here’s my full-length bonus episode with Boobs of Bushwick’s Kate Chiplinsky! You may remember her from episode 100 with her boyfriend Mike. You can download or listen to it for free right here! Give it a try and see if you like it.

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So enjoy this bonus episode with Chip!

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An ode to bonus content…

So I announced last week that those who support me on Patreon will receive lots of bonus podcast episodes. Exciting, right?! I wanted to clarify how the bonus content works and who gets what when. First, you need to be a patron. So click here or click the banner on the right that says, “Be a patron!” Rewards in general, (aside from most Level 1 rewards), are given out following the charge of your credit card around the 1st of the month. After you are charged, I mail letters, make videos, etc. So if you pledge in the middle of April, you get your first month of rewards in May. Even if you cancel your pledge in May, you still get the rewards you paid for.

MINI BONUS EPISODES ($4+ patrons): So there will be 2-4 of these 5-15 minute audios every month. Sometimes they’ll be me chatting with someone about sexy stuff, me sharing a story solo, or extra content I record with a guest who did a full episode. So if you pledge in June, you get access to JULY’s mini bonus episodes. The next month, August, you would get August’s mini bonus episodes as well as June’s bonus episodes. So if you miss a bonus episode you wanted, you will eventually get those released to you as you remain a patron.

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