Getting tested? Know to ask for more!

If you’re on my website and listen to my podcast, then you already get tested regularly—1-4 times a year. If you haven’t been tested since the last State of the Union, bookmark this page and get the fuck to the clinic! Up until last year, I thought it was as simple as walking in and saying, “Do the tests, please!” It’s important to get tested. It’s more important to know how to get tested. For example, if you don’t use protective barriers for oral sex (or anal rimming, for the special people out there), you could contract chlamydia or gonorrhea in the throat. Without a throat culture or symptoms, you’ll unknowingly pass that along as you reassure Tinder dates, “Don’t worry. I’m clean.”


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NAKED PODCAST: Truvada, Bukkake and Seducing Straight Guys

The Naked Manwhore Podcast takes one gay man and one straight man and strips them of their clothes to get an amazing episode about sex and dating. Whether gay, straight or queer, we can all relate to the topics of lusting for sex, falling in love and navigating the frustrating world of dating. Two nude dudes cover Truvada, Craigslist and romance!


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