So is this life now?

Yesterday was staying in my room and making sure I didn’t make the worst possible financial decision before doing an open mic. Today was my first day “working.” I’ve been at this coffee shop for four hours! I edited the next two episodes, an upcoming bonus episode, and signed/stamped all of my Level 2 Patreon thank you letters! A very productive day and soon I’ll pack up and go do some open mics.

And I even slipped in a little “self-love” session this morning.

I hope this is life. Thank you all for making it possible.

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Thank You Links

You fanwhores are the ones who help keep this podcast going, but there were some special people who helped get the show started. I showed my appreciation to a list of awesome creative folks during this week’s intro. Here are some links so you can check out and support their work!

AJ Marechal: One of the 1st people I pitched the show to. She’s a great writer! Tumblr
Nick Callas: Managed some freak-outs early on. Hilarious comedian/sketch guy. YouTube
Kevin MacLeod: The intro music is sampled off his royalty-free track. Music
Evan Williams: The Voice you hear first every week! Super funny comedian as well. Twitter
Corinne Fisher & Krystyna Hutchinson: Exposed a lot of fuckers to my show early on. You already know them from Guys We Fucked!
/r/podcasts: These nerds have a lot of knowledge and a lot of shows. You might find a new one you like. /r/podcasts

p.s. shout out to Irene and Casey for doing test episodes with me way way back when!

Patreon Thank You Video: Jungle

This month Sophia gets thanked in a very personal way. I recall a special evening the two of us shared once upon a time in a land far, far away. Thank you Sophia for supporting The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon! Stay slutty, sister.

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A bubbly Patreon thank you video for Sophia!

Thank you very much to Twitter’s @EllaSucia for supporting The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon! With my special powers of deduction and Internet sleuthing, I had some words for this naughty mommy. I also stressed out hard core for a solid 20 minutes wondering where one buys bath bubbles. Become a $20+ patron and you not only help improve the podcast, but you’ll get your own personalized Thank You video every month! Click here to support The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for Love on Patreon and enjoy the video below!

Crystal’s Guide to Love and Threesomes

Crystal was my annual NYU tradition. We met Welcome Week during our freshman year at New York University and made it a point to hook-up each year. Lots of not-sex with Crystal back then. Now she’s in an adorable long-term long distance relationship. I’m still sad and alone.


Listen here!