Patreon Thank You Videos!

I’m more than a pinch late on these Patreon thank you videos. Thank you to Ian and Sophia for both your pledges and your patience. Just click here to get your own video by pledging $20 or more on Patreon! Otherwise, pretend your name is Ian or Sophia for the next minute while you watch theirs.

Goodbye, Ian


Patreon Thank You Video: Jungle

This month Sophia gets thanked in a very personal way. I recall a special evening the two of us shared once upon a time in a land far, far away. Thank you Sophia for supporting The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon! Stay slutty, sister.

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A bubbly Patreon thank you video for Sophia!

Thank you very much to Twitter’s @EllaSucia for supportingĀ The Manwhore Podcast on Patreon! With my special powers of deduction and Internet sleuthing, I had some words for this naughty mommy. I also stressed out hard core for a solid 20 minutes wondering where one buys bath bubbles. Become a $20+ patron and you not only help improve the podcast, but you’ll get your own personalized Thank You video every month! Click here to supportĀ The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest for LoveĀ on Patreon and enjoy the video below!