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‘Fourgies’ is my new favorite word! Check out my interview for We talked about how I do…what I do! If you wanted to see how this podcast gets made, give this a read. Plus, cool up close pictures of random shit in my bedroom.

A Ladies Only Sex Party with Skirt Club founder Genevieve LeJeune

Skirt Club is a sex party for women, by women. Skirt Club’s admission requirements are controversial to some, but to others it’s just one more of a bevy of sex party options. Founder Genevieve LeJeune is on this week’s Manwhore Podcast to share why she wanted a place to play with just the girls!


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Edit: So there’s been a change in plans. I will not be eligible to attend Sex Geek Summer Camp this year. I underestimated the amount of hurt still present with some people—and by proxy, their friends/fans—who I wronged last year. In order to keep Camp an enjoyable atmosphere for returning campers, it’s been decided that I will not attend.

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Orlando Shooting: Republicans Got the Dead Faggots They Prayed For

Republican lawmakers continue to drag their feet in the sand on gun control and LGBT discrimination following the Orlando night club shooting at Pulse. Many Republican senators and congresspeople tweeted their thoughts and prayers despite a history of anti-gay voting. I call bullshit on this week’s Manwhore Podcast. In happier news: Rachael returns! We’re discussing love, trust, and relationships! After experimenting with casual sex, she is back on the monogamy monorail. Hooking up just wasn’t a good fit for her. “Sex is between two…maybe three people,” she shares.


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You (probably) have herpes, too!

Maria has herpes—and whether you know it or not, so do a lot of you! This is one of my new favorite episodes for sure! I was glad to get some closure after our super short-lived romance years ago. Maria was thrilled to get the word out about her super normal life with herpes.


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Buck Angel Pisses On Bathroom Patrols & PC Police

Buck Angel is more of a man than I’ll ever be! He is the original trans male porn star, which he solidified when he won the 2007 AVN Award for Transsexual Performer of the Year. Since retiring his performer card, Buck has gone on to be an adult film producer, trans rights advocate, and sex educator. And don’t you dare tell him where to pee!

We talked about his life in transition, both in regards to his gender and his career in the adult entertainment business. We also talk about his dating life and that time he fucked a homeless guy on camera!


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