Thank you to our Presenting Sponsor: Motorbunny!

ManwhoreCon 2018 was a blast! I want to thank my longtime sponsor Motorbunny for backing ManwhoreCon again this year. We had this phenomenal sex toy on display at The V Club here in New York City during the meet and greet mixer. Of course, people enjoyed seeing it plugged in, but I led by example and straddled the fancy grinding pad attachment. That of course led everyone to play around with it.

People who were too shy to try it out on Day 1 were a little more adventurous at the exclusive ManwhoreCon after party! This time it was on display with some condoms on hand for those willing to feel the full force of this toy. I appreciate them sending me their brand new Bluetooth-compatible model and fresh, pretty attachments! You can get $50 off your very own Motorbunny at

Comedy & Live Show Tickets!

Have you gotten your tickets for the Manwhore Podcast Live Show and Comedy Show?

Come out to Lucky Jack’s on August 3rd at 8pm for a night of stand-up comedy featuring comedians including Billy Procida himself! Tickets available HERE!

The Manwhore Podcast will be having a LIVE RECORDING on August 4th at 8pm! Watch Billy get horribly, horribly roasted by four of his own exes… because he hates himself. Tickets available HERE!

If you want to buy tickets for the entire weekend of ManwhoreCon 2018, click here to buy your weekend pass. Can’t wait to see you there!

ManwhoreCon 2017!

Oct. 7-8, 2017 Fanwhores flocked to New York City from all over the country for two days of hangouts with Billy Procida, culminating with a LIVE Manwhore Podcast show! Shout out to my sponsors: Winc (, Motorbunny, Museum of Sex, Clone-A-Willy, Nooky Box, SEXDOTCOM. Use promo code MANWHORE for special deals where applicable!

All Manwhore Podcast: LIVE! Photos by Beatice Hirsch.

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ManwhoreCon Update!

ManwhoreCon is just around the corner! I am excited to announce some updates to the itinerary. I am in talks with a great location for the Manwhore Podcast LIVE show. Added to the weekend is a Fanwhore Bar Crawl! We will gather after the day’s activities and pop around to some of my favorite drinking establishments in New York City. Only ManwhoreCon attendees will know where we are and when. I am also excited to announce some of the sponsors of ManwhoreCon: Winc, Motorbunny, and the Clone-A-Willy. Visit any of their sites and use the promo code MANWHORE at check out to enjoy a very special offer!

It is not too late to enjoy discounted tickets to ManwhoreCon through the end of August! Buy your ticket before September 1st and only pay $66.50! That includes admission to all of the weekend’s events as well as a special, sexy swag bag! Visit to get your ticket today!

Feminist Killjoy Kitty Stryker on Fat Chicks and Call-Out Culture

Kitty Stryker is a feminist killjoy—and her tattoo will be the first to let you know it! “If I watched stand-up comedy, I would break my laptop in half,” the queer activist and writer says. Kitty joins me for a lively discussion about call-out culture and modern feminism. We agree that it’s important to do more than just shout and be angry. That’s why she’s writing a ‘zine titled “So You Got Called Out” to show what to do after you’ve been force-fed pages upon pages of feminist theory. Because action is important. And Kitty Stryker is all about action. Enjoy some lively debate—with some light-hearted talk about cannibalism—on an all-new Manwhore Podcast!

Listen here!

No Hetero! Lesbian Bars, Coming Out, and Kissing Boys

Asher is a lesbian. She’s known all her life. That’s why when we made out in a gay bar, she abruptly ran away when she felt some tingles and jingles. “I kissed a boy—no hetero!” I catch up with Asher to talk about the demise of lesbian bars and coming out to her not-so-thrilled grandmother. We also contemplated how much money it would take for either of us to suck a dick. Penises? Gross! ALSO: what goes into a great Craigslist ad? I’ve got the answers on this week’s Manwhore Podcast!

Listen here!

Laci Green Outrage, Child Porn, and Shame with Dr. David Ley

Dr. David Ley wants you to be proud of your porn use! The Ethical Porn for Dicks author writes about how shame has hindered us from embracing our sexualities. Don’t let society tell you how to experience pleasure! David hopes to eliminate the stigma attached to porn and masturbation. ALSO: Feminists are furious with sex educator Laci Green. Find out why on this week’s Manwhore Podcast!

Listen here!

Will Miles on Exposing Your Ignorance, Being Inclusive, and Paying for Your Porn

Comedian Will Miles is a modern man. He pays for his porn; he respects politically correct vocabulary; and he hosts a podcast with his girlfriend optimistically titled Hopefully We Don’t Break Up! For a year and a half they’ve stayed together to talk about dating and relationships. It’s like this podcast if someone had been willing to love me back!

Listen here!

Sexual Maturity and Social Justice

Polyamory takes work. That work becomes a lot more difficult when you or your partner is dealing with mental illness. Kat returns to The Manwhore Podcast after a wonderful appearance on episode 19. But as the Senate Republicans shove through a health bill that will make access to mental health services out-of-reach for millions of Americans, Kat worries about finding a therapist who accepts her situation as polyamorous, a former sex worker, and a depressive.

Listen here!

ManwhoreCon tickets are ON SALE!

A podcast is nothing without its fans. ManwhoreCon is a weekend to party with, entertain, and appreciate YOU the listeners! Join me, Billy Procida, in New York City for a series of super fortunate events during Columbus Day weekend, including a LIVE Manwhore Podcast taping! Events will be announced throughout the summer. They will all involve me. They will all involve your fellow fanwhores. And they will involve some super explicit sex talk!

ManwhoreCon will take place October 7-8 in New York City. What better excuse to finally visit NYC?! Click here to buy your ticket today!

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